If you are looking for a reliable Australian based supplier of Cable, Connectors, Leads, Adapters, Wiring Accessories, and Curly Cords…you found it! PROCONNECT PTY LTD.3.5-to-6.5-Audio-Cords-Straight.jpg Note: We have a specialty website dedicated to our curly cords: www.CURLYCORDS.com.au We  are a full time manufacturer and supplier of Cable, Connectors, Leads, Adapters, Wiring Accessories, and Curly Cords. Produced right here in our small family owned commercial facility in the Brendale Industrial Area, in Brisbane, Australia. We have been been in business since 1998 & prior to this our principle worked for a custom cable manufacturer, and was specifically involved in the custom cable assembly, & cable and connector field since 1988. XLR-M-to-F-Curly-Corda.jpg Our range is extensive. Examples Include:

  • Straight Cords
  • Curly Cords
  • Audio/Video cables and cords.
  • Custom cables and cords.
  • Data cable and cords.
  • Control cable and cords.
  • Single core cable and cords.
  • Multi core cable and cords.Power-Supply-90w-12v-to-24v-+-5v-USB-Multi-Tip-a.jpg
  • Instrumentation cable and cords.
  • Power cable and cords.
  • Plug Packs
  • Switch Boxes
  • AV Extenders and Adapters
  • Connectors
  • Wiring Accessories

Examples applications include:

  • AV Installs
  • AV Hire site stockPRO-15PBEXT10m-Piggy-Back-Leads-a.jpg
  • Hand held instruments
  • Data collector leads
  • Accelerometer cords
  • Online systems cords
  • Cords for medical instruments
  • Microphone cords
  • Video camera cables
  • Extra long communications cords
  • …the list goes on….and on…and on…

        We are very please to now be able to offer FREE (regular road transport) Delivery for most orders Australia wide. Clients also have the option to pay extra for express or air freight to most locations as well.  Buy from an Australian Company!     Note: Most of our goods are supplied to order.

  • Providing we have suitable raw materials available from stock, we can typically make small orders within 2 weeks. Sometimes much quicker.
  • For larger (Production) quantities and ongoing requirements, we recommend placing a scheduled order.
  • We carry many types of cable in stock, and have access to a massive range of ind3.5-to-6.5-Audio-Cords-Straight.jpgent cable, so we can make cords on demand. Sometimes even a single cord is O.K.
  • We also offer an express order service: For a surcharge we may be able to put your order to the front of the queue… with a view to producing cords in 3 working days.
  • We also have a limited range of cords pre-made on the shelf. (If you call over 100 configurations Limited)
  • For specials, and other cords where we do not have a suitable raw cable available, we will organize to have cable made specifically. Sometimes with a MOQ as low as 100 cords.
  • We also have an extensive range of connectors and other wiring accessories available.
  • In addition to our own manufactured cords, we also supply some great pre-fabricated cords as well.

  We are a small, family owned business, so for prompt, personal attention, please drop us an e-mail with the details of your inquiry. Also please check out our FAQ and also please drop by our company web site at: www.PROCONNECT.com.au Please let us know how we can be of service. Best Regards Paul Scott Owner-Manager


  1. Jacques

    I need 8 pin 20 gauge curly cords, do you have anything

    • Hi Jacques.
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Yes…in our Power and Control Curly Cords – PUR Grey cords
      We do a 12 core in 0.5mm² which is 20 AWG
      Also if you need a substantial quantity we may be able to get an 8 core made.
      We make the cords in various lengths etc.
      Please email me with the quantity and length and I’ll organize a quote for you.
      Also are you interested in connectors? or other fittings?

      All the best…

  2. Robyn Foley

    Good Morning

    Can you please tell me if you stock aprox 50cm usb extentions?

    We would require 15.


    • Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      I can help with these cords.
      I will send you an email next…
      All the best…

  3. thankbell

    Hi, not sure if you can help, but I’m after 1 extra long (5~8mtr ) telephone handset cord. Can you help ?

  4. thankbell


    Can you help with an extra long telephone handset cord ? Something like. 8 mtrs ?

  5. Kieran

    Hi I need two curly cords to suit 10amp 240v pendent outlets for my garage. They need to be retractable if possible and around 3m long. Thanks

    • Hi Kieran,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      I’ll shoot you an email next…
      All the best..

  6. Hi
    I need some 15amp 2 core coily cable for extendable light pole on the back of my Patrol.

    Need about 2x2ft lengths.


    • Hi Birdman.
      Are you really running 15 amps?
      If so…to keep the voltage drop <3% you would need a very heavy cord.
      According to my very quick estimates, a 600mm cord would use something like 5m of cable, so @12v something like 10mm²cable would be needed
      Which is larger than we make.
      So…can you confirm the actual current? and/or can you handle some voltage drop.?

      All the best…

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