12v & 24v DC Power Curly Cords

PRO-2X1_5-PUa.jpg PRO-1TP-0.75FSCN-PUa.jpg PRO-F3010HD-BKa.jpg PRO-4C0_14-PUa.jpgThese cords that are used  for 12v & 24v DC systems.

Some of the uses of these cords include:

  • LED Floodlight/Spotlight on 4wd
  • Mobile fridge freezers
  • Plug-in/cigarette lighter mobile appliances
  • Hand Held Spotlights
  • Mobile equipment hookups-interconnects
  • Hard wired remotes: winches etc

We have a variety of types of cords in this range.

  • 2 Cores 0.22mm² Screened Black
  • 2 Cores 0.5mm² Screened Black
  • 2 Cores 0.75mm² Screened Black
  • 2 Core 1mm² Grey
  • 3 Core 1.5mm Grey
  • 4 core
  • +Specials

Note: Depending on the application, many people use our electronic signal cords, and/or 240v mains cords for 12v applications.

Compressed Coil lengths of

  • 300mm,
  • 500mm,
  • 1000mm,
  • 1800mm.

Most of these cords extend some 3 times the compressed length.

Prices on request.

Please email sales@proconnect.com.au  for prices.

Unless specifically indicated, all curly cords are supplied UNTERMINATED.

21 thoughts on “12v & 24v DC Power Curly Cords

  1. Hi, i am after some curly cord to run a flood light off my 4wd. I saw on your website “pro-2×1.5-pu” picture. It looks like what i am looking for. How much is this product for a 500mm compressed length, delivered to Gravelly Beach, Tasmania? Thankyou.

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Thanks for your comment (and email),
      Yes…they are great cords. UV Stable, and Water Resistant!
      I just emailed you the quote.

      All the best…

        1. Hi Ben,

          I’d be happy to send you a quote…but…I can’t see what you are referring to?

          Unless it’s the last comment about a PRO-2×1.5PU-500 ?

          Best regards


  2. Looking for a curly power cord (12vdc) to run a 18 wat LED work light, need to be able to extend to a maximum of 1000 mm.
    Could you please advise of which lead would best suited and pricing posted to area code 2541, thanks..

    1. Hi Paul

      I am looking for a Curly Cord for my ARB fridge/freezer same as Mitchel 29/6/2016. However I require two cords at 2 metres both with lighter plugs and two pin as for fridge ARB or Waeco both the same fittings.

  3. im looking for a cord to run a 12v system in a school project i am building, it has to extend to aproximatly 1500mm. but it need to run through a tent pole size tube? do you have anything that would work for this?

    1. Hi Andrezej,
      Thanks for your comment/inquiry.
      Actually I got an email from you on the 20th… but my emails to you kept bouncing.
      It now seems you had mistyped your email address. (you had an “M” instead of “N”)

      How much current in amps will the cords need to handle? and what is the size of the tent pole? (Internal Diameter)

      All the best…

  4. Hi Paul, 

    Hoping to change the straight wire connection for my heated vest to a curly one that I use on my motorbike. The Jacket is a Motorader with a bmw fitting at 1 end and a female plug of some type that is rigid plastic with a steel insert a bit like an aerial cable at the other end. Cable length is 100cm. Will probably need 2 as my husband also wants a jacket. The cable has these numbers on them. HD3VVH2-F 2X0.7mm2  <VDE>  KEMA-KEUR  NF-USE OAS V07729 227 IEC 52(RVV) 300/300V 2002010105021011 CONJU ROHS.


    1. Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      It does get a bit chilly on the bike in winter doesn’t it? But it’s nice isn’t it? Very refreshing!
      We can probably supply an unterminated curly cord, but can you fit it?

      Best Regards

  5. Hi just wondering if you guys make a 2 core curly cord with 10mm wire needs to be about 3.5m long
    Thanks David

    1. Hi David,

      10mm (mm² or Auto) is bigger than we currently have i’m sorry.
      The problem is the availability of a suitable cable.
      In thoery we could get a cable made for it…but in practice we would need a very substantial minimum order to cover it.

      All the best…


  6. Hi Paul, 

    looking for a cord for my waeco, needs to pull out about 1m and draws about 6amps when the freezer is cranking!


    thanks Mitchell 

      1. Awesome after an Anderson plug on the other end, it's for a waeco 95dz if that makes a difference 

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